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Life to Eagle Process Chart 

Eagle Advisor Guide

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927  To download workbook, you must use Internet Explorer.  Does not work well with Google Chrome.

Eagle Scout Rank Application - (This must be turned in with your final Eagle project write up)

Projects must be submitted and approved by the District Eagle Board before any work can begin. 

Project Proposal Checklist:

Contact info., project write up, and signature page of the Workbook must be submitted to the project board for project review. Be sure to complete the contact Information page. (The following is the Council Information needed: Council Name-Old Hickory Council; Phone: 336 760-2900; Address-6600 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27106; email-Thomas.Gordon@Scouting.org).

  • Does your project provide sufficient opportunity for you to show that planning, development, and leadership will take place and it will benefit a religious institution, a school or your community?
  • Is the project realistic for you to complete?
  • Are safety issues addressed?
  • Include a list of key steps you will take to make sure your plan has enough details to be carried out successfully.  
  • Do you have all THREE signatures on the approval page?

Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application should be used ONLY if the scout is taking contributions from anyone other than their parents or relatives, his unit or its chartered organization (ex. church congregation), parents or members of his unit, or the project's beneficiary. 

For example - If something is to be sold to raise money for a project or a scout will appeal to the public for donations (i.e. car wash, pancake supper)  an application must be submitted.  Raffles or other games of chance are not permitted. -  Applications are to be turned in to the Council Office for approval.

If an Eagle Scout candidate wants to set up fundraising on social media for an Eagle Project, the funds need to go directly to the organization benefiting from the project or the candidate may use the online site recommended by the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)

Remember, when raising money for an Eagle Project, a fundraising application (found in the Eagle Scout project workbook) must be completed and submitted to the Old Hickory Council, BSA office for approval.

Final Eagle Board of Review Checklist (after you have completed your project):

  • Complete Eagle application with an attachment for requirement 7. (Statement of goals, etc.)
  • Include 2 letters of recommendation in your notebook. (Can use two of the references listed on your application excluding parents and Scout leaders)
  • Include both the pre-project write up, project approval signature page, and the post-project write up.
  • Include photos, candidate's signature and required signatures for completing the project.
Other resources: 

National Eagle Scout Association Web site

Advancement Guide pages 50-59 (Eagle Scout Rank Process and Explanations)

When to request congratulatory letters

Guidelines for requesting Eagle Scout congratulatory letters from dignitaries

OLD HICKORY COUNCIL 2018 DIGNITARIES LIST - Quarterly, the Old Hickory Council office sends letters to officials on the list above requesting letters of congratulations for all new Eagle Scouts that National Boy Scouts of America has confirmed. Your troop may want to request similar letters from local officials/leaders in your community. HOWEVER please DO NOT send duplicate requests to the officials on this list. 

At the Council's request, Senator Richard Burr is requesting a flag flown over the national's capitol for all the Eagle Scouts in the Old Hickory Council. Therefore, it is not necessary for you or your parents to request one. Senator Burr's office has specifically requested that duplication of this effort not be made. Please note that it maya take a while to receive this flag or other congratulatory items and you might not receive them before your Eagle ceremony. Once the request has been made, we do not have control over the timeframe the officials require to process our requests. Again, we ask that you DO NOT DUPLICATE these efforts.

Duplicate Eagle Scout and NESA Credentials (card & certificate)

National Eagle Scout Association Membership Application

Purchase Eagle Scout gifts and party supplies from the Winston-Salem Scout Shop or online from ScoutShop.org.

Eagle Scout Rings

Other gift ideas for Eagles and their Court of Honor Ceremonies



National Eagle Scout Scholarship Applications - Oct. 31 deadline

8 Great Scholarships for Eagle Scouts

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