Distinguished Citizen Award

Dr. Nathan Hatch, President of Wake Forest University named Distinguished Citizen for 2018.

On May 10, Old Hickory Council held its annual Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner. Community leaders, family, and friends gathered to honor Dr. Nathan O. Hatch, President of Wake Forest University. Dr. Hatch has had a significant influence through a lifetime of service and leadership to his community and nation. His passion and leadership are best described by the Boy Scout slogan, "Do A Good Turn Daily".

For 28 years, the Old Hickory Council, headquartered in Winston-Salem, has sought

to recognize one individual in the community who is a role model by his or her

personal accomplishments, and is also an example of what Scouting holds most

important. leadership and service to others. From the very first honoree in 1990, John

Medlin Chairman of Wachovia Bank to the 2017 honoree, John Buress III, this

important community event has raised over $3 million for Scouting in Winston-Salem

and Northwest North Carolina.



Please help us honor our 2018 award recipient, Dr. Nathan O. Hatch, President, Wake Forest University through a gift to Old Hickory Council.

Past Honorees

  • 2017 John Burress III 
  • 2016 Kelly S. King 
  • 2015 Susan Cameron 
  • 2014 Stan Kelly 
  • 2013 John Whitaker 
  • 2012 Don Flow 
  • 2011 Betty Quick 
  • 2010 Edwin Welch Jr. 
  • 2009 L. Glenn Orr Jr. 
  • 2008 Mayor Allen Joines 
  • 2007 Walter McDowell 
  • 2006 Richard Vaughn 
  • 2005 Richard H Dean, MD 
  • 2004 Murray C. Greason 
  • 2003 Clarence “Bighouse” Gaines
  • 2002 John A. Allison
  • 2001 Len B. Preslar, Jr.
  • 2000 Tab Williams
  • 1999 Senator Richard Burr
  • 1998 Paul Wiles
  • 1997 L.M. “Bud” Baker
  • 1996 Dr. Thomas Hearn
  • 1995 Victor Flow
  • 1994 Richard Janeway, MD
  • 1993 Jesse Helms
  • 1992 James W. Johnson
  • 1991 Paul Fulton
  • 1990 John G. Medlin