Scout Card Fundraiser 2022

Scout Cards have been gaining momentum and popularity with Scout units across the country. Over the years this new type of fundraising product sale has been utilized by local Scouts to raise money to support their year-round Scouting, activities like summer camps, trips, outings, and other program events throughout the year.

The cards include discounts from various businesses represented in our local communities and have several one-time-use “break off” coupons along with multi-use offers.

The Old Hickory Scout Card is offered at a low price point of $10.00. Customers recoup their donations by using the one-time coupons and enjoy multiple foods, service, and entertainment discounts throughout the year.

This year sign-up is a little different it will be done in Tent-A-Roo below are some key changes this year 

  1. cards will be requested in bundles of 25 
  2. payments can be made online (if all cards are sold) 
  3. to check out additional cards you must get in contact with the council office staff in advance

Cards will be available in Mid-March, for additional information please contact your District Scout Card Chairman or your local District Executive

Click Here For 2-24-22 Kick-Off Video 

  • Camp Card Sales 2022
    April 28, 2022 to May 31

File Name Description
2022 Scout Card Incentive Request Form - Troop Download
2022 Scout Card Incentives Request Form - Pack Download
2022 Scout card Sales Leaders Guide Download
How to Join Tentaroo This guide will help you to create tentaroo acct if your unit does not currently have one Download