Blue Ridge/ Wilkes Klondike Derby 2024


Feb 17, 2024 8:00 am to 4:00 pm



Camp Harrison (YMCA)
7901 NC-18
Boomer, NC 28606


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Blue Ridge- Wilkes Klondike Derby 2024

Blue Ridge/Wilkes Klondike Derby


Due to the weather forecast of heavy rains Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week, the Council and District leadership have concluded that we will be postponing the Blue Ridge/Wilkes Klondike Derby to February 17th. The time and location of the Klondike will remain the same as previously planned for January 20th. For any unit that registered under the late fee price of $15 per person we will be working to issue a refund of $5 per person.

Please contact Lee Setzer at or (727)599-7129 if the newly proposed date does not work for your unit. Thank you all for focusing on the safety of your Scouts and sharing your concerns with the Klondike leadership. We look forward to seeing y’all on February 17th @ YMCA Camp Harrison!

Date: February 17th

Place: Camp Harrison

Check-in: 8:30am

Cost: $5 (Early Bird to Dec 9th) $10 (Normal to Jan 21st) $15 (Late Feb 10th-17th)

Opening Ceremony: 9:30am

Lunch: 12-1pm

Closing: 4pm

Each Patrol should consist of approximately four (4) to seven (7) Scouts. Patrols should not be organized on the  basis of experience or age. The older Scouts should help the younger Scouts up the Scouting Trail.

Events for 2024 (1-10 scoring point scale for all events)

  1. First Aid

  2. Knots- (Build a Campsite) A Frame shelter, Tripod, Build a chair, Flag pole, rain fly (Lashing and knots will be used)

  3. BB shooting

  4. Fire Starting/ Cooking (Start a fire without a match and boil water and cook noodles)

  5. Sled Timing (Pushing 10-25% of patrol weight on the Sled around a course)

  6. Survivor Games (Tower Puzzle, Phrase Scramble, and Rope maze) 

  7. Map Skills Game (Orient a map, find the quickest route on the map from A to B w/stops in between)

  8. Lego Building game/memory challenge

  9. Leave no trace/ Outdoor Code game

  10. Skits and Songs (Lost/Stranded at sea/on an island)


Sled Guidlines

Sleds must be a minimum of 4’x1 ½’ and must be able to seat and hold an adult of 140 lbs or more . Sleds that don't meet this minimum requirement will be docked points for their final score. 

Follow the link below for an easy, no nails, plan for building a sled.

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