Welcome Golden Eagle Club Members!

Thank you for your monthly contribution to support Scouting in Northwest North Carolina! Boys and girls across the council have access to amazing programs at Camp Raven Knob and in their own community thanks to your support. You, along with our annual givers, grantors, foundations, and special gifts allow us to keep Scouting affordable for families. Our kids are Scouts today and leader's tomorrow. 

Golden Eagle Club Recognition

  • 2023 Club Membership Card
  • Golden Eagle Club Patch
  • Annual Giving Council Strip(s) based upon your giving level
    • $180+ Commemorative Cardinal Patch - the state bird of North Carolina
    • $300+ Commemorative Raven Patch - the totem of Camp Raven Knob
    • $600+ Commemorative Bald Eagle Patch - The highest rank in Scouting & our national bird
  • Invitation to Golden Eagle Club Member Events
  • Invitation to Council Special Event Fundraisers
  • Annual Report Recognition
  • Tax Deductible Contribution Letter


Become a Golden Eagle Member

Join easily online! https://donations.scouting.org/#/council/427/appeal/2724

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Golden Eagle Club Member?
Make an monthly reoccuring donation of at least $15 a month to the Old Hickory Council, BSA's annual campaign.

I love Scouting, how do I increase my gift?
Simply reach out to the Old Hickory Council and we can increase or decrease the size of your gift by whole dollar increments. Contact us at oldhickorycouncil@scouting.org or 336-760-2900. Please note that it may take 30 days for the change to take effect. 

My credit card is about to expire, how do I update my payment method?
Contact us at oldhickorycouncil@scouting.org or 336-760-2900. If a payment is declined, we will reach out to you.

How do I cancel my reoccuring gift and leave the Golden Eagle club?
Contact us at oldhickorycouncil@scouting.org or 336-760-2900. It may take up to 30 days to take effect. 

Can I attend events even if I'm not a Golden Eagle member?
Council Special Event Fundraisers are open to all. Golden Eagle Club Members may bring guests as determined by event. See list of upcoming events & details for more information. 

What does the Golden Eagle Club benefit?
A Scout's future begins here. With every rank achieved, with every achievement earned, with every mile hiked, with every memory, with every adventure with friends and family. Your contribution helps ensure every young person has an invitation to join Scouting and, when they do, we are able to develop them into tomorrow's leaders through trained volunteers, activities at Camp Raven Knob, and program materials