Online Recharter 2020

CLICK HERE to access the online Internet Recharter 

April 22, 2020


Online rechartering will continue as scheduled. All recharter paperwork should be scanned and emailed to Diane Clinard at For those of you who do not have access to a scanner, recharter packages can be mailed to Old Hickory Council 6600 Silas Creek Parkway Winston Salem, NC 27106. We encourage you to make payments online. If payment can’t be made online, please include a check with your recharter paperwork to the council office. Also, please include your 2019 Journey To Excellence form along with your recharter.



  • Online Electronic Recharter Approval Option
  • Online Credit Card Payment Option
  • Rosters, charters, & membership cards can be obtained through
  • Membership fee for all Traditional youth is now $60 (Troops, Packs, Crews, Ships)
  • Membership fee for Explorers is now $36
  • Membership fee for all registered adults is now $36 (does not include AP, LP adults)
  • Unit Liability Fee (Charter Fee) is now $60
  • The new Disclosure Form (for Criminal Background Checks) is required for ALL registered adults in order to process your Recharter for 2020 (does not include AP, LP adults).

RECHARTER FORMS & RESOURCES (for traditional units: Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships)

2020 Charter Renewal Guidebook 

2019 JTE PACK Scorecard

2019 JTE TROOP Scorecard

2019 JTE CREW Scorecard

2019 JTE SHIP Scorecard

Annual Unit Charter Agreement Form

2020 Fee Sheet

Disclosure Form


2020 Explorer Charter Renewal Guidebook 

2019 JTE POST Scorecard

Exploring Criminal Background Check Form

Disclosure Form

Memorandum of Understanding Form

2020 Fee Sheet


Any questions, contact Diane Clinard, Registrar at 336-971-4189? or