Popcorn Fundraiser 2023

Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn

2023 Popcorn and Peanut Sale!

Important Dates:

October 2023

October 22:  Take Orders Order Due by 11:00 PM

November 2023

November 7-9:  Tentative Take Order Product Delivery Date

December 2023

December 4:  Payment Due to the Old Hickory Council Office by 4:00 PM

December 6:  Prize Orders Due in the Keller Prize Program System by 11:00 PM


If you have any questions about the 2023 sale or if you need help logging into Camp Masters to place a popcorn order, please contact Salem Smith-Shupp at Salem.Smith-Shupp@scouting.org.


***Order forms for both Popcorn and Peanuts are at the Council Office. We will mail order forms to you if you need; please email us with the number of how many forms you need and if you want both forms or just peanut or popcorn order forms. Scanned images of the Order Forms are also below in the Resources.***

**If you use the digital order forms and want to see pictures of all the products, in the Leader Guide, page 11 is Camp Masters products and page 14 is Whitley's products.**






File Name Description
2023 Camp Masters Popcorn Order Form Download
2023 Peanut Take Order Unit Summary Download
2023 Popcorn & Peanut Sale Leader Guide Download
2023 Whitley's Peanut Factory Order Form Download
How to Assign Scout Credit for Show-n-Sell Download
How to Order on Camp Master Website Download