Unit Commissioner Training

This new online fast start training is an orientation designed for all commissioners to learn about the job responsibilities for a unit commissioner. This 'fast start' training is designed to be taken by all commissioner within the first few weeks of agreeing to be a commissioner. Other training opportunities will be provided by your local council and district to support your job as a commissioner. This is only the introduction of your new position in Scouting. You should also take other training courses shared in the Commissioner Fieldbook, working directly with your local district and council commissioners.


Unit Visit Tracking System

The Unit Visit Tracking System (UVTS) is a tool for those in commissioner service to record and review information about their contact with the units they serve. With regular and consistent use, this system can provide each commissioner an "at-a-glance" overview of recent visits and a history of communications with each unit, which can help to provide timely and consistent support.


The Journey to Excellence system has a  criteria for unit visits recorded in the Unit Visit Tracking System (UVTS). Commissioners need to record their unit visits in the UVTS in order for this criteria to be met. Most important to Commissioner Service is making quality visits to units on a regular basis. Entering unit health and unit issues in UVTS and talking about them with the Commissioner team will ensure quality service to units. The recording will give historical information about a unit and how a problem was solved. This will also be helpful when there is a change of personnel calling on the unit.


Unit Visit Tracking Instructions

Unit Visit Tracking FAQ

Unit Visit Tracking Presentation/Training

Unit VIsit Tracking Video

Unit VIsit Tracking System Report